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heavy mineral image

Routine heavy mineral analysis has been successfully used at well site where rapid acquisition of stratigraphic data are required for decision-making during drilling. We have a strong track record of wellsite work having worked on the Ross Field, Murchison Field and Hannay Field and ongoing work in the Clair Field.

Geosteering horizontal wells using heavy
mineral analysis

Clair Field well 206/8-10Z

geosteering image

HM Research Associates staff have applied heavy mineral analysis to monitor and steer high angle wells in four UKCS North Sea Fields. Stratigraphy has been successfully monitored in more than 20 wells. Templates from core and cuttings are constructed from offset wells. This framework is then applied at well site to evaluate the stratigraphic position of the drill bit. Parameters are sufficiently sensitive to identify key stratigraphic events even where along-hole contamination dilutes the in-situ mineralogy. Examples can be seen in the Clair Field (above) where units can still be identified despite the dilution resulting from an along-hole penetration of over 1 km.

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