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Heavy mineral ratios

heavy mineral image

The basis of our work concentrates on petrographic determination of the relative abundance of minerals that are stable during diagenesis and have similar hydraulic behaviour. The most commonly used ratios are apatite to tourmaline (ATi), rutile to zircon (RuZi), monazite to zircon (MZi) and chrome spinel to zircon (CZi). These provide a good reflection of source rock characteristics because they are comparatively immune to alteration during the sedimentary cycle and importantly are stable during deep burial. Zircon is significantly denser than tourmaline and ratios of these minerals (ZTi) can be used as an indicator of varying hydraulic conditions.

heavy mineral ratios

This schematic diagram shows how heavy mineral assemblages are affected by provenance, weathering, hydrodynamics and diagenesis, and demonstrates how heavy mineral ratios can be used to distinguish provenance-related signals from overprinting processes.

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